Turn the Beet Around

It’s day one of a new blog for me, and how I got here entails a very, very long story. While brevity isn’t my strong suit, I’ll tell you, quickly, what happened.

It was a learning experience for me. Perhaps, it was the first time where I didn’t go with my gut, and I should have.

Everyone was saying, “Char, you need a website.” I hired “company A” and the results SUCKED. Then, I hired someone, locally, who had contacted me and said, “Would love to make a website for you.” And in the end, it looked like a website from the 1970’s. Wait, websites weren’t around in the 1970’s, but this site was made in the muted tones of a 1972 Ford Mustang. It was awful. Typos galore. After I paid the developers handsomely, they never showed up, so to speak. And so, we parted our ways, they, with my hard-earned moolah tucked tightly into their wallets.

Anyway, I’m here with a new blog to provide outreach, recipe education, and sometimes, things about me. Things like getting older, not being a “thin vegan,” but being the strongest advocate for a whole-foods, plant-based diet (that also excludes using oil) there is. I bleed green, and it’s not because I also love the Philadelphia Eagles.

Stick with me. Look for a weekly Wednesday blog. I’ll provide original recipes, maybe an interview or two (with some of my plant-based heroes and sheroes), and I will tell you what I think. About everything.

I’ve been plant-based for nine years. The Engine 2 Diet is the prescription for my own good health. I see people who are my age and they are tethered to prescription medications that are definitely related to the poor effects of the Standard American Diet (SAD). And, I want to be a change agent.

I’m figuring out this site, but wanted to let you know three things that I do:

-teach plant-based cooking, privately and in groups;

-conduct grocery store tours for you to have a healthier pantry;

-light-weight catering

I have a certificate in plant-based nutrition from eCornell, am a certified plant-based chef (Rouxbe trained), and a food literacy coach.

Once I figure out the links and such, I will connect everything I do. In the meantime, leave a comment, and we’ll talk. I am Philly-based.

Turn the beet around,


8 thoughts on “Turn the Beet Around

  1. Do I get to post the first comment?! WHEEEE!! What ever you want to write about, I will want to read…. Happy birthday to your new blog!


  2. thrilled you’re doing this and am looking forward to very post!


    You remain a light and inspiration.

    Warm greetings to all.



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