When Smaller is Better

Today, I was working and recipe testing in my kitchen. I marveled to myself about how much I love my “newish” Cuisinart food processor. Prior to its trophy-like placement on my baker’s rack, I went through three, count them, three food processors in four years. It’s not that I was grinding nuts and bolts in the canister, but, these appliances just weren’t lasting.

Did I Need a “Big Box” Store?

You know the drill. You park your car in the lot, grab a cart, begin with a mission and end up with your intended purchase and an extra $100 worth of other stuff. Once you leave the store, you might be shrugging your shoulders as you start to pack your car. You safely make it home and go on with your day.

I needed a food processor, simple as that. So, I headed to that store that sells everything. And, I mean everything. I wanted a specific model, one that also dices. As I arrived to the housewares department, I found a team member and asked, “Do you know if this is the Cuisinart that also dices?” I realized in a NY minute that I asked a multi-level question to which there was no response. The blank stare on the worker’s face was endearing, but, he was clueless. However, he did have very nice manners.

Head to the City, Girl

That’s when I thought, “Everything that is old is new again.” So, I went to Fante’s Kitchen Shop, a key member of Philadelphia’s Italian Market since 1906. Fante’s is nationally recognized as one of the finest stores in the housewares industry, and everyone needs to visit Fante’s.

As I entered the store, in a matter of minutes, I was greeted at the door by Mariella, the president, who escorted me to the product. Mariella assigned a team member who was able to provide me with a run-down of the food processor’s capabilities. I was completely sold by two things…common sense and excellent customer service. Another team member grabbed the gigantic food processor’s box while reassuring his colleague, “I got this.”

And, the Price was Right

The food processor was lower-priced than many websites I had visited. As I headed to the “point of purchase” part of the store, I pulled out some cash, and soon became the proud owner of a gorgeous, dicing, slicing, stirring, spinning food processor.

But, Then, This Happened

So, there I was with a new kitchen toy, when all of a sudden, a young male worker says, “Yo, where are you parked?” I let him know that my car was parked in the common lot on Carpenter. He said, “Well, let’s go!” Not only did he carry the box, he loaded it into my car. Who does that? Fante’s, that’s who!

Why Shop Small?

Maybe you’re thinking that isn’t always easy to shop small, but for the local economy to thrive and survive, we must make it work. You want a cup of coffee? Visit a local roaster. Time for lunch? Go to a small cafe or deli, not to a sandwich-making chain. Need a small kitchen appliance? Visit Fante’s.

Proof that there is power in small things.

Fante’s is located at 1006 S. 9th Street in Philadelphia’s historic Italian Market. Do something small that is really big and visit Fante’s soon!

For More Info About Fante’s


One thought on “When Smaller is Better

  1. FANTES!!! Oh I used to love to walk through there and dream about the kitchen I might have some day! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up with a 7×8 NYC kitchen! I love the restaurant supply stores here, no nonsense, always have what you need, and they always know their stock. We buy our kitchen knives there. But there is only one Fantes!


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